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UCF Receives 3 Minority Serving Institution Awards to Promote Collaborations with NASA
The funding is designed to foster long-term partnerships between NASA and MSIs and to give eligible research projects the chance to pursue larger grants in the future. hree research projects from the University of Central Florida have been selected for NASA Minority University Research and Education Project Partnership Annual Notification…
Nov 27, 2023
UCF Alums Working on Artemis 2: Why the Space Program is Personal to Us
If you were to parachute into the parking lots around Kennedy Space Center (KSC), you might believe you landed on an extension of UCF’s campus. Knights license plates and black-and-gold decals are everywhere. “You should see it here during football season,” says Wes Mosedale ‘07MS, senior test director for NASA. “That’s…
Jun 14, 2023