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UCF is an academic leader—and so much more. UCF is focused on creating academic and community leaders, but we’re also a leader in research—from vaccines to lasers to green solutions for environmental problems. Students excel personally, academically and professionally through the guidance of our dedicated faculty members, and UCF’s diverse community of fellow students and scholars.

Campus Life. You don’t have to leave the Orlando campus to sing along at a concert, watch the Knights score a touchdown, or participate in any of our 350+ clubs and organizations. Check out our Campus Life page to get started.

UCF is modern. Whether it’s the state-of-the-art buildings with technology-based classrooms or beautiful woodlands and lakes that make up the main campus, UCF’s modern campus is designed for study, recreation and living.

While licensure or certification may be available in this field of study, our program does not directly lead to such licensure or certification upon graduation. The professional preparation you receive in our program meets the educational requirements for licensure as a Professional Engineer and may still assist you in such pursuits; however, the licensing authority and requirements for Professional Engineers falls under the jurisdiction of the licensing board for the state, territory, or foreign entity in which an engineer practices.  If you intend to pursue such credentialing in your state or elsewhere, we strongly advise you to contact the applicable state credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact Dr. Luis Rabelo at or Ms. Christin Saro at with questions in this regard and we will do our best to assist you in your career planning.     

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Undergraduate Coordinator
Luis Rabelo

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Room: Engr. II 417
Phone: (407) 882-0091

Christin Saro

Undergraduate Advisor
Room: Engr. II 312F
Phone: (407) 823-5021