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The search for open rehearsal spaces at the Juilliard School in New York – where aspiring actors, musicians and dancers outnumber available practice rooms by almost 7 to 1 – has been streamlined, thanks to the engineering skills of the school’s operations manager Adam Gagan, a UCF 2012 alumnus with a master’s degree in industrial engineering.

Gagan devised an online reservations system that streamlines how students find open practice rooms on campus of the world-famous performing arts school.

His system allows students to see what practice rooms are available, sign up for them at centrally located kiosks, and, once in a room, take short breaks without forfeiting the space. Students can also check room availability on their cellphones with a companion app. A pilot program successfully tested the system in 10 of Juilliard’s 90 practice rooms this past spring, and the system is expected to be fully operational by fall.

Read the full story, “Opening Doors at Juillaird,” by Jim Abbott, in the summer issue of Pegasus, the Magazine of the University of Central Florida.

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Photo by Geoff Levy, ’13