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Dr. Karwowski has been a great mentor to me and provided me with great advice and most importantly his steadfast integrity to both my personal and academic development. Dr. Karwowski is such a kind and inspiring person. He has greatly broadened my knowledge base through his assistance and constructive feedback with my research… He knows exactly what it takes to teach his students and make them successful and independent researchers. –Muhanna Alnoaimi, PhD 2014, Aircraft Maintenance Commander, Royal Bahraini Air Force

My research involves systems engineering, and the modeling of human interaction with complex systems and Dr. Karwowski encouraged me to pursue my ideas of a new paradigm in this area – a bold approach in some long-established fields of systems modeling. Barclay Brown, PhD 2015, Global Solution Executive, IBM

Working in Dr. Karwowski’s Human Factor laboratory was a great experience and an opportunity to engage and initiate in multiple research topics and collaborations. The time I spent at Dr. Karwowski’s lab during my PhD program, provided me with a solid foundation in many aspects for my college teaching career. – John Dzissah PHD 2001, CQE, CSSBB, CMQ/OE, Operations and Management Dept., Professor and Chair, University of Wisconsin-Stout

During this period of my UofL graduate study concerning human performance and cognitive systems engineering, Dr. Karwowski served as my dissertation advisor and mentor. Dr. Karwowski’s mentorship included the encouragement to speak at invited lectures at UofL, UE, as well as Risɸ National Laboratory, Centre of Cognitive Systems Engineering in Roskilde, Denmark. Dr. Karwowski also modeled the importance of publication by facilitating research collaboration and authorship via journal publications, conference presentations, and resulting conference proceedings. Dr. Karwowski’s encouragement and support fueled my continued Risɸ collaborative research assistance for a work package on User Interfaces and Visualization for Delos, a European Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries that was funded by the European Commission’s program on Information Society and Technologies (IST). Throughout Dr. Karwowski’s tutelage and my research collaborations, I developed a strong interest in multivariate statistical analysis, specifically structural equation modeling across interdisciplinary contexts. – John K. Layer, PhD 2005, P.E. Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering,  University of Evansville

Dr. Waldemar Karwowski is a truly exceptional educator. I obtained my M.S. in Industrial Engineering, with a focus in Ergonomics, while working in his Laboratory in 2014.  As my advisor, Dr. Karwowski  steered me toward challenging work, encouraging me to shape the project to my interests. I wanted to learn to analyze electroencephalographic data, parsing the output of my participants' brain activity as they attempted decision making in traffic.  The professor underwrote this ambition with facilities, as well as intellectual, professional, an occasional moral support. I was encouraged to build teams to assist in the laborious data collection, introduced to experts in parsing the large dataset, and taught to effectively communicate my findings. The first journal article based on my thesis has recently been published in the journal Ergonomics", with another in submission to "Human Factors". I subsequently finished a Doctorate in Experimental Psychology focusing on Human Factors, and throughout that process continued to collaborate with Dr. Karwowski. Writing papers and grants under his supervision strengthened my skillset, enhanced my C.V., and was in no small way responsible for job offers including Harvard, Purdue, and Lockheed Martin. I joined The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AgeLab, where I now analyze large-scale human data in collaboration with major auto manufacturers. Many of them are familiar with my former advisor from his textbooks, and I am beginning to appreciate how lucky I was to have his excellent mentorship firsthand. Rare educators like this, who have helped so many to understand both the importance and proper application of our discipline, are the lifeblood of HF/E.  – Ben D. Sawyer, PhD 2015, M.S.I.E., MIT AgeLab

My teaching, research, and consulting are all quite active and I owe my success, in large part, to the training and guidance I received working for and with Dr. Waldemar Karwowski …Dr. Karwowski is a world-renowned educator, practitioner, and researcher, whose resume speaks loudly to the widespread nature of his impact on both his scientific field and others who work within the broad areas of human factors and ergonomics… During my time studying under Dr. Karwowski’s expert tutelage, I gained the knowledge and skills I needed to thrive in an academic, industrial, or research setting and I am very grateful for that time of learning. – Bradley Chase, PhD 1999, MPH, CPE, Associate Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Dr. Karwowski was instrumental in helping me achieve my degree.  He always took the time to advice and guide me through the PhD process, irrespective of how busy he was with other students or his administrative Departmental Chair duties. Dr. Karwowski is an extremely knowledgeable well respected professor that regardless of his status is very humble students which make him a great mentor and advisor. The knowledge I have gained from Dr. Karwowski have made me a better person and engineer. – Nelson Lerma, PhD 2015, PE, NAWC Training Systems Division, Mechanical Engineer, AIR Weapons Training and Simulation Lab

Working in Prof. Karwowski’s Human Systems Integration Laboratory was a great experience and an opportunity to engage and initiate in multiple research topics and collaborations. Dr. Karwowski always encouraged me to explore new fields such as neuroergonomics and he supported me with knowledge and materials…-Awad Aljuaid, PhD Candidate

Taking Dr. Karwowski’s courses, I became very interested in his expertise in human factor area especially in human centered design and fuzzy logic… The PhD degree with Dr. Karwowski was clearly the key element for my career. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Karwowski’s expertise, mentorship and guidance! – Jussi Kantola, PhD 1998, Professor and Head of the Department of Production, Vice-Dean of Technology of Technology

He nurtured my research interests and encouraged me to study in multiple fields, including healthcare process improvement, human social culture behavior modeling, and neuro-ergonomics. It was unconventional but he supported me continuously throughout my graduate program. This combination has helped in my professional career after college as I apply everything learned in a quality improvement job at BayCare, a leading healthcare organization at Tampa area. I am able to merge methods from IE and Human Factors to expand conventional improvement solutions with the utilization of human-centered designs. It is Dr. Karwowski who helped me grow into the professional I am today. – Muyuan Li, PhD 2014, Health System Engineer, Senior, BayCare Health System

Dr. Karwowski who guided me in the areas of human performance, human in the loop, and human system integration using Modeling and Simulation techniques for both my Masters and Ph.D. During the four and a half years I attended at UCF, Dr. Karwowski supported my research not only academically but financially. He was a great advisor in all aspects of my study. – Hong Jiang, PhD 2013, Operation Research Cost Analyst, Modeling and Simulation Engineer, Navair Warfare Center Training System Division

The less-often celebrated contributions for HF researchers and practitioners are those unpublished, uncelebrated, routine, and “just part of the job” elements of the teaching career. I do not pretend to know the exact number of PhD students Dr. K has assisted on their journeys, but I am one of them. I can say without any hesitation that without Dr. K’s guidance, patience, and personal attention to my academic career I would not have finished the program on my terms, on schedule, or at all. – Christopher Andrzejczak, PhD 2010, Industrial Engineer, Boeing Company

Under Prof. Karwowski I won several honors and awards in recognition of outstanding research performance such as: an NSF award in 2015, the best dissertation proposal award by the IEEE SCCI in 2015, the second place in best poster category in IEEE Cosmic in March 2015 for our paper entitled “ A Framework for Simulation Based Task Analysis”, a best in category award at the UCF Graduate Research Forum in 2013, a Statewide Research Symposium Award in April 2013, and the best of show award in SVAD Graduate Premier Exhibition in 2013. – Konstantinos Mykoniatis, PhD 2015, MSc, PhD Modeling and Simulation, Eng. BSc Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

The four years working with Dr. Karwowski were an opportunity to engage in multiple research topics that combined simulation with Human Factors and a great preparation for my career development. During my PhD I was fortunate to participate as a team member and leader of an iCorps project funded by the National Science Foundation (August 2015) related to my dissertation work under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Karwowski. During this unique journey, Dr. Karwowski served as the academic leader of the project and he was highly supportive and truly dedicated to training and mentoring the team. – Anastasia Angelopoulou, PhD 2015, Institute for Simulation and Training, Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Karwowski helped me establish a solid foundation of how to conduct research; and he always encouraged me to explore new methods or new fields to extend my research. Because of his funding, I had a great opportunity to take an interesting research for my dissertation, which was to apply data mining method to investigate human brain activity under sleep deprivation… I had great collaborative experience with professors from neuroscience, psychology, and mathematics. – Yiling He, PhD 2015, Quality Assurance Engineer/Human Factors Engineer

My decision to become an academician was sparked after I met with Prof. Karwowski. He has an amazing ability to connect with all of his students, no matter what their level of knowledge is focuses on the big picture. It is my sincere hope that I affect students in my professional life as profoundly as he has affected me. – Erman Çakıt, PhD 2013, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering Aksaray University, Turkey

I have always appreciated my interactions with Dr. Karwowski as he shows an obvious compassion for his students along with a direct communication style that makes it very easy to exchange information effectively.  His ability to effortlessly understand the detailed technical aspects of my research and my overarching goals as a researcher have been critical to my success. – Mitchell Rabinowitz, PhD Candidate

…it is still very rare to find a Professor who does so with such dedication, diligence and compassion. He does all of this with the highest standards of academic and professional achievement in mind. – Anthony Costello, PhD 2014, Senior Product Designer, Health Fidelity

In the classroom environment as well as in research projects Dr. Karwowski challenges students and peers alike to look forward, anticipate opportunity, and work towards achieving milestones in route to goals. Dr. Karwowski’s lessons and mentorship have applied directly to my career and have significantly increased my understanding of human factors, cognitive influences, and the performance factors that shape human response. – Kevin Muhs, PhD Candidate, Division Chief, Capabilities and Assessments, Air Force Technical Applications Center

My research focused on the analysis of the effect of safety culture on safety performance among airline pilots. Dr. Karwowski’s expertise in human factor and enrich knowledge in ergonomics made it easy for me to complete my work. His continuous advice and recommendations significantly impacted the outcomes of my research. The knowledge and experience that I had with Dr. Karwowski during my research journey have enormously improved my performance at the workplace. – Mohammad Alsowayigh, PhD 2014, Boeing 777 First Office, Saudi Airlines