Michael Proctor

Associate Professor

Room: Eng. II 318
Phone: (407) 823-5296
Email: Michael.Proctor@ucf.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1991, Competitive Scholarship M.S. Operations Research, Florida Institute of Technology, 1984, Competitive Scholarship M.S. Computer Science, Monmouth University, 1983, Tuition Assistance B.S. Engineering, United States Military Academy, 1972, Competitive Scholarship

Areas of Specialty

Interactive Simulation, Modeling and Analysis for:

- Training and Human Performance Improvement

- Intelligent Synthetic Entity Representation (SAF/CGF)

- Synthetic terrain, culture and environmental representation (Open Flight; SEDRIS);

Simulation-based Acquisition and Product Development

Games as Simulations and Models

Case-based research for Organizational Learning for strategic management and operations engineering

Management information systems