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eli2, directed by Dr. Timothy Kotnour, has been awarded technology fee funding to construct new labs that will further their mission “to help students discover their burning desire and confidence to create, innovate, collaborate and deliver world-changing solutions”. The project spearheaded by eli2 creative director, Dr. Robert Hoekstra, will implement three new laboratories to be constructed in the Engineering 1-2 atrium to satisfy the need for an environment that teaches and encourages creativity at UCF.

Gathering Lab – with round tables designed specifically for this collaboration space have white board tops where ideas can be immediately drawn right on the table.

IdeaLab – a glass enclosed space with sails flying above, LED lighting, comfortable stools on wheels, and large projection screens to display concepts will invite creativity. Modeled after creativity spaces at GOOGLE and Pixar, this will be a unique space that encourages students to write on the walls, lounge on the cushions, and play with the toys.

Innovation Lab – equipped with the latest technology, students can quickly prototype concepts created in the IdeaLab. It will house 3-D printers, laser cutters, and other technology tools to quickly produce prototypes. With these new spaces, Knights start changing the world long before graduation.