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In our lab, we use a high-density 64-channel dry wearable EEG headset, which is developed by Cognionics

The system allows us to continuously record and measure the brain signals during different physical tasks which require participant movement reflecting the real world applications in everyday tasks. Furthermore, the system has an excellent temporal resolution, portable, light in weight and comfortable to wear allowing natural movement without anybody movements restrictions.

The design of this system has significantly minimized the preparation time during the whole experiment duration since the headset is easy to wear and easy adjustments over participant scalp which avoid over tightening. Moreover, applying the dry EEG sensors are less in time than applying wet sensors. Our device has two types of sensors namely flex sensors and dry sensors; the flex-sensors are small, reliable and comfortable with high-quality scalp contact. They are designed to safely and comfortably touches the participant hair with very moderate pressure. The development of flex sensor has provided a solution for the hair interference problem since the flex brushes the hair away and increases contact with the scalp surface providing high EEG data quality. The dry sensors are soft cushioned for using on bare skin areas such as chest and forehead.

Sophisticated software is included with the system for data interpretation and analysis.

Figure 1:high-density 64-channel EEG dry system


Figure 2:high-density 64-channel EEG dry system



Figure 3: Flex sensors



Figure 4: Dry and Flex sensors

Here is a video which shows some instructions for clarifying how to place EEG sensors for obtaining good data quality