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Dr. Haitham Bahaitham was selected to receive the 2011-2012 University Award for the Outstanding Dissertation. His dissertation titled “A Framework for Quantifying Sustainability of Lean Implementation in Healthcare Organizations” was recognized for exemplary research in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Dr. Bahaitham received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in 2011. His major advisor was Dr. Ahmad Elshennawy, associate chair in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems. “I was tremendously blessed with my advisor’s guidance…” he explains when asked about his dissertation experience.

Dr. Bahaitham has one paper accepted for the 2012 ISERC (Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference), Orlando, Florida, May 19 – 23, 2012, while another paper “Assessing Sustainability of Lean Implementation in Healthcare: A Case Study Using the Lean Sustainability Assessment Framework (LSAF)” was recently accepted for presentation at the 2012 International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems, Cocoa Beach, FL, March 25-28, 2012. The paper will also be submitted for publication the conference journal: Journal of Management and Engineering Integration.

Dr. Bahaitham will be honored at the Graduate Awards Breakfast on Friday, April 13, 2012.