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May 21-24, 2016 – Two projects in Work Measurements and Design an IEMS undergraduate course resulted in the submission of two technical papers in the 2016 IISE Annual Conference and Expo’s Industrial Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) forum. Brian Strevens, Jennifer Sawicki and Gam Narapanya presented the papers at the conference during ISERC academic sessions.

Time study and motion analysis was implemented to propose solutions to problems facing their respective clients. “Process Improvement for Parking and Transportation on Campus” focused on reducing the amount of time it would take students to park on campus if sensor technology was implemented in the garages. The authors are Maurizio Di Gianluca, Paula Garzon, Andrea Lopez, Gam Narapanya, Jennifer Sawicki, and Brian Strevens.

The second titled “Improving Post Wave Operations:  A Work Measurement Case Study” concentrated on decreasing cycle time of an undisclosed manufacturing plant’s circuit board production. The authors are Andres Atencio, Kevin Sweet, Gustavo Espino, Diego Mosquera, Leana Hernadez, Jordan Ocampo, and Negar Nazhand.